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how to cancel lexington law subscription

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Not happy with Lexington law??  


I recommend you to try the best in class & affordable service: SkyBlue Credit Repair. 

Good thing is, If you not satisfied with their service then they offer a FULL 90-day REFUND no matter what the reason. 

so according to me, there is no harm in trying SkyBlue Credit repair.

for FREE consultation, Call the below-mentioned TOLL-FREE number (from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays.and just listen to their suggestions. 

Anyway, the phone number is toll-free so it will NOT charge you a dime. If you like their suggestions then you can opt for it else move on. as simple as it is.

SkyBlue Credit Repair:

  • Price: $69 to start, $69/month after
  • BBB Rating: A+
  • Fastest Dispute Pace (15 items every 35 days)
  • No upgrades needed for extra services
  • 29 years in business
  • Most user-friendly tech in the industry
  • Track your progress 24/7
  • Need a break? Pause your membership with the click of a button
  • Guarantee? Sky Blue is one of the only credit repair services that offer a full 90-day refund no matter what the reason.
  • FREE consultation: call TOLL-FREE No: (888) 596-6306 to talk to a live person and FREE consultation about your credit score. {from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays.}
  • Discount: It offers attractive Couple Discount 
  • Apply NOW:------>> Visit Sky Blue Credit Repair website.

skyblue credit


Steps to cancel Lexington Law subscription:

You may cancel the service at any time; however, we ask that you give the repair process adequate time. 

While the engagement agreement covers the delivery of legal services one month at a time, for the best outcome, you should allow ample time for work to show results. That means providing them with the necessary credit reports and sufficient time for work to come to full fruition.

You can cancel your engagement agreement at any time by calling 800-341-8441.

To cancel your Lexington Law account:

1.) Login to the client web site, found here:

2.) THEN find “Contact Us” at bottom of page:

3.) Find the chat feature to speak to a live representative from 6am-10pm MDT weekdays

OR Send a secure email to your paralegal or to customer service

Cancel Lexington Law

Step 1: Setup a free account at

Step 2: Find Lexington Law in the list of your subscriptions and click the "Cancel" icon.

That's it! their specialists will see to it that your subscription is canceled and will send you a confirmation email once it's done!

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I called SkyBlue Credit (TOLL-FREE (888) 596-6306) after speaking with Lexington Law,

I only needed help with one item on my report. Where Lexington Law tried to sell me on an $100/month package,

The rep at Skyblue credit was honest and told me I would be better off calling my credit card company and asking for a supervisor.

The honesty in that interaction speaks volumes about their corporate culture and the level of good faith they use in their business.
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Sky Blue Credit did a GREAT job helping to repair my credit after a Utah base mortgage lender run my score down. Lots of tips on how to raise score and maintain score. Highly recommended. Thank You Sky Blue Credit.
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Hello I am Michael H. and I used Sky Blue Credit to raise my credit score and clean up my credit and they did an amazing job ! I was very happy with this company's work but most important there honesty !
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Thanks to sky blue credit.
Unbelievable job they did with our edit. Mine up 150 and wife's shit up 200 points with sky blues service in just 3 months. They pay for themselves in a very short time. Would recommend to anyone anytime.
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If I could give this Lexington Law zero stars, I would!

 When I signed up my husband and I we were supposed to only pay $119.95 a month, so we will say $60 a month each. After 2 months they proceeded to tell me we had to pay $240 a month and I said hell no and they supposedly "changed" it. They turned around and took $19.95 out of my account last week, today they took out another $119.95 and my payment isn't even due for two weeks.
I cancelled all of it and they told me they would draft my account for the work that have done. Horrible horrible company.

Sky Blue Credit was recommended to me by a friend who described them as the "go-to-it-company" for credit repair support.

They certainly proved this. They are sound, competent, professional, empathetic, friendly and delivered what they promised! Sid was the most recent customer service rep. Whom I dealt with - and he was terrific! I would not hesitate to recommend SKY BLUE CREDIT to friends or family :).

friends, opt for sky blue credit than any other BS services to save your life.
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Freaking out help they took 119 in a week how did u cancel it? I need my money back !
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sorry to hear that. 119 is too much.. call this no to cancel the lexington law subscription 800-341-8441
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Ho i want to cancel this Lexington law plz this 19.95 out of my account
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