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Lexington Law utilizes a four-step process to help their clients achieve their credit repair goals. The Lexington Law process is simple and effective.

Step #1: Obtain Credit Reports

Upon signing up, a representative from Lexington Law will assist you in getting your credit case all set up. This process includes obtaining credit reports, from all three of the major credit bureaus, so the legal team at Lexington Law will be able to start removing negative and inaccurate items from you credit report.

Step #2: Legal Action Begins

Unlike the majority of credit repair companies, Lexington Law supplies their clients with access to an experienced legal staff that conducts the disputing process on their behalf. Once the Lexington Law attorney and paralegals have reviewed your credit reports, they will begin to dispute the negative items you believe to be both negative and inaccurate.

Step #3: Credit Analysis

You are not left in the dark when you enroll in Lexington Law credit repair services. You will be assigned your own paralegal who will be available to you to answer any questions and concerns you may have. You will also have access to the progress of your credit case through an online portal where you will be able to see analysis and updates.

Step #4: Follow-up and Escalation

Lexington Law will have you forward any results you receive from the credit bureaus so that they can follow-up on your case.

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