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Free (Second Chance) Checking Account at BBVA Compass is Available in ARIZONA!

Are you listed in ChexSystems or do you have bad credit? BBVA Compass approves customers in ChexSystems for their ClearChoice Free Checking Account

Open MY Online Account Now!

BENEFITS OF BBVA Compass Account

Free Checking

  • No monthly service charge 
  • Enjoy online and mobile banking 
  • free bill pay and 
  • unlimited check writing

Not a ChexSystems Bank

  • BBVA does not run ChexSystems for customer verification.

Visa Debit Card included

  • Use your BBVA Compass Visa® Debit Card fee-free at any BBVA Compass and Allpoint ATM's.

Bad Credit? No Problem

  • Poor credit history?, BBVA will approve you for a Second Chance Checking account with the same great features for a low monthly fee.

Right now, a guaranteed bank account at BBVA is the One and only trusted option for customers listed in ChexSystems or looking for a Second Chance Checking account. With an extremely high approval rate and excellent features, this is a great opportunity to rebuild your credit.

Open MY Online Account Now!

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Local Banking Options in ARIZONA

Below is the most comprehensive list of banks and credit unions in ARIZONA which don’t use ChexSystems and they may approve you for a bank account.

NOTE: Any unsuccessful attempt to open an account can have a negative impact on your credit score and credit history.

To avoid this, please check if our proven, guaranteed approval solution is available in your area (listed above).

Please note that the information about non chexsystems banks changes each year (even month). We cannot guarantee any of the banks listed won’t do a non chexsystems check (though at the time of compiling, these banks don’t require a chexsystems check). You will have to call the banks to see.

This page is updated regularly, so please consider adding it to your bookmarks.


Armed Forces Bank                (888) 929-2265

Compass Bank                          (800) 266-7277

BNC National Bank           (800) 262-2265

US Banks                                     (800) 872-2657


Arizona Federal Credit Union                        (602) 683-1000


Alhambra Credit Union                                  Fresh Start Checking

Bank of Arizona                                                Opportunity Checking

Banner Federal Credit Union                         Opportunity Checking

Bashas’ Associates Federal Credit Union     New Start Checking

Canyon State Credit Union                              Second Chance Checking

MariSol Federal Credit Union                         Basic Checking

Pima Federal Credit Union                               Fresh Start Checking

TruWest Credit Union                                       Opportunity Checking

Tucson Federal Credit Union                           Second Chance Checking

Tucson Old Pueblo Credit Union                    Mission Checking

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