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1. Bbva Compass
BBVA Compass is one of our favorite banks. They have a variety of accounts like free checking, high-interest checking, second chance accounts, savings accounts, and more. It’s easy as pie to apply for a BBVA Compass account online and they are well known for giving out their Free Checking account to people even with ChexSystems problems.
So if you have any problems opening up a bank account due to chexystems and you live in one of the states that have a BBVA bank, try this bank FIRST.
2. Td Ameritrade
TD Ameritrade has a good reputation for not working with ChexSystems. Note we have had a few comment saying they have closed down accounts because of ChexSystems, so the jury is still out on this. But right now, it seems to be it’s a mixed bag.
The key to getting an account is to open a brokerage account first, then from there adding on a checking account. This lets you skirt around their regular checking account requirements — at least for now.
3. Capital One
One of the more popular banks you see offered online (with online sign ups possible), Captial One is known for being lenient to those with ChexSytems histories. They do look at your ChexSystems report, but will only reject you have been flagged for banking fraud. Note that they may also consider your credit history, so if you have bad credit history and bad ChexSystems record, you may be denied.
4. Woodforest National Bank
Woodforest has had a reputation for a few years now of not working with ChexSystems. Specifically, they offer a special Second Chance Checking account option that you can look at. Unlike some of the other banks on this list, you’ll have to drop in a bank branch in person to apply for an account though.

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