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how to repair credit after foreclosure

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For many homeowners foreclosure is a reality, but it’s not the end of the world, or the end of your credit. A foreclosure will remain on your credit report for seven years and will impact your credit the most in the first few years. As the foreclosure gets older and you add more positive history to your credit report, your credit will improve.

There's no magic formula to repairing your credit after a foreclosure. The more you make good decisions about using your credit, the better your credit will be.

However, if you have been foreclosed on, it is possible to rebuild your credit score, and in some cases, you can see your score inch up after only a few months.

How to Improve Your Credit Score Post-Foreclosure

  • 1. Keep Your Credit Cards and Use Them

  • 2. Take Advantage of Secured Credit Cards

  • 3. Consider Your Local Credit Union

  • 4. Stay Current on All Other Debt and Monthly Payments

  • 5. Wait to Reapply for More Debt

  • 6. Get help if you need it.


There is a lot of stigma and guilt attached to foreclosure, but there doesn’t have to be. Millions of people have made the difficult decision to walk away from a home to avoid personal financial ruin. While a foreclosure may feel like the end of the world, you can overcome the setback. Careful planning can help you rebuild your credit history, as long as you understand the system and how you can benefit from it.


You can use cheap credit repair services or affordable credit repair services


The monthly cost for credit repair services is generally in the same area. 

One of the best and cheapest services is Sky Blue Credit Repair, which charges $59/month. Lexington Law, another leader in the credit repair space, charges $59.95/month. ( Here’s a side-by-side comparison of Sky Blue and Lexington Law ) 

Another trusted credit repair site, , charges $89.95/month,but they also provide more features than the standard plans from Sky Blue and Lexington Law.

  • Learn more about Sky Blue Credit Repair here or call (888) 534-1510 to talk to a live person. (Reader tip: Call between 9-5 M-F EST, press 2 at menu.)
  • Learn more about Lexington Law here or call (844) 259-3376 to talk to a live person.
  • Learn more about here or call (844) 764-9863 to talk to a live person.


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