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how much does lexington law charge

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lexington law's initial sign up cost is $99.95. They also charge another $10 to pull up your credit reports, so really the start up fee is around $110. 

Once you get all signed up you can then choose which package you would like to stick with the rest of your remaining time with the company. 

Each of the 3 different package options that the Lexington Law Credit Repair provide contain different features. They all also have really great upgrades that can help to provide an even greater and better service in your time shared with the company. 

The first service option that you can stay with is at a rate of $59.95 which is going to be their absolute very most plain, basic and standard package which is also very similar to the Sky Blue Credit Repair basic package

The next package is called the Concord package, which will include an extra security when you are dealing with the FTC. This Concord package is $79.95 per month

The next package deal after that is the Concord Premier package at $99.95 per month. This package also includes two more extra great add on features which are the monthly credit monitoring, as well as a great identity theft protection program.

 The Lexington Law Credit Repair company will help protect you up to $25,000 in any potential identity theft that could occur. 

There is also a $50 off deal when you first sign up with them and when you are signing up with a partner. Every new client who signs up will be provided with a well informed and well-equipped paralegal to assist them with all of their questions. 

You will have this same paralegal from start to finish of the entire process while having your credit worked on Although these prices may seem higher, which they are, it is with good reason. 

Although these prices may seem higher, which they are, it is with good reason. Every different package comes with a greater added on benefit, that could be useful depending on what you are seeking for assistance.

Lexington Law Credit Repair also has their own version of a guarantee. Their guarantee states that you will not be charged if you do not receive the services that were promised, that you thought you would be getting. 

Their guarantee is not completely as straight forward as the one provided from Sky Blue Credit Repair. Due to this fact, it would be highly suggested to make sure that you read of the information they give you during initial sign up. 

This way they can not keep any of your money if later you do find out that you are not happy with their services, and feel like it is not helping your situation. 

If you are a person with a more simple credit issue then really just choosing their basic plan could work perfectly well for you But if you are someone who has a lot of very complicated and uneasy to resolve issues perhaps one of their more extensive plans would greater suit your credit needs. 

It should be mentioned that Lexington Law Credit Repair is, in fact, an actual law firm.

 This could take part in swaying someone's decision on picking which company they would like to go with If you know that you would be able to work with and get guidance from actual lawyers. 

Whereas Sky Blue Credit Repair is just a company created to help with the assistance of credit repair. 

Lexington Law Credit Repair also has a really fantastic score on the BBB or Better Bushiness Bureau with an A- rating score. Which is still a super amazing and fantastic score even if it isn't an A+.

 the Lexington Law Credit Repair has a few more options then just basic to provide for their clients. 

The price on the Lexington Law may be a bit more expensive but truly you pay for what you get and they seem to provide a very well done in depth service. 

The basic service of the Sky Blue and Lexington Law are both practically identical, so if that is all you require you can make you decision based on the company. 

Both provide flawless service and clearing have a high rating with the BBB. So it would most likely come down to if you want to deal with an actual law firm or just a basic credit company.

  • Learn more about Lexington Law here or call (844) 259-3376 to talk to a live person.


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